Vacations for Veterans

The VetAways Foundation, Inc. provides unique, all-inclusive, vacation experiences to deserving members of the U.S. military who have fought, served, and sacrificed for the American people. VetAways primary goal is to award these vacation packages to veterans of our armed forces who have been nominated by their peers, family, and community via a proprietary automated online voting system.

How to Nominate a Veteran:

Go to

Once there, family, friends, colleagues, etc. will be able to submit a nomination for a veteran they believe is deserving of one of these awarded vacations by submitting the necessary information, pictures, and documents on our secured confidential server through our proprietary online submission system.

Once nominated, others will be able to submit votes for the nominated veteran(s) listed on our website for the duration of the specified time.

The winner(s) will then be selected, vetted, and contacted soon thereafter.

For more information, updates, and details, visit our website and follow our online newsletter.

Local Community Involvement

The VetAways Foundation, Inc. was founded and created in the beautiful city of Orlando, FL. The Central Florida area has over 1,600 homeless people accounted for with hundreds in that number being a veteran of our armed forces. Our mission not only believes in those off the streets but those struggling on it as well. Whether it be supplying and/or handing out meals at food shelters or painting and cleaning up a home, VetAways will be there for our veterans at their times of need.


If you are interested in volunteering your time with the VetAways Foundation, please email us at We would love to have smiling faces helping us out at our various events throughout the year as well as in our office!

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